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About Us

DFW & CO is your retail partner to maximize e-commerce growth.

We are the result of combining a sophisticated digital marketing agency with a high-tech logistics company. Our strategies allow us to increase brand awareness to maximize online sales while also vastly improving your company’s supply chain efficiency and visibility.

Our Services

Our services are to make your job easy, we care about your brand; it’s that simple!

Brand Control

Difficulties controlling your brand online? We'll help you regain total control.

Marketplace Visibility

Ensure your brand and products are getting in front of more potential customers on Amazon than your competitors'.

Sustain Your Growth

Access accurate and current sales data to maintain and drive growth.

Building Brands

Attract your ideal customers online when your brand's mission is perfectly articulated.

Product Message

Top-notch copywriting ensures the customer buys your products over the competition.


Our impeccable feedback is largely due to our commitment to customer relations.

Our Process

Protect. Position. Promote.


Distribution Control

Are unauthorized sellers breaking your minimum advertised pricing agreement? We know how frustrating this can be as it ultimately damages your brand integrity. That's exactly why we help you regain control of your distribution channels to identify and eliminate gray market sellers.


Brand Presentation

Step 2 starts with optimization. To outperform your competition, you have to attract more customers and convert better. We provide keyword optimization and professional product photography to all of our partnered brands. This ensures your products are getting in front of more of the most relevant customers possible and that you're making the best first impression.


Reach More Customers

Lastly, it's time to drive traffic to your now fully optimized product listings via aggressive PPC advertising campaigns. This allows us to use those perfect keywords found in step 2 to find the most relevant customers. The end result is a fully optimized product listing with increased traffic, both paid and organic, that maximizes revenue.


Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is working with you like?

Most online retailers simply want to sell your product for a quick buck and that’s all they care about. Instead, we focus on adding tons of value to your brand and building intimate, mutually beneficial relationships because we know that for us to succeed we first must help your brand succeed.

What separates you from other online retailers?

Imagine being at a trade show and another vendor asks you, “So, how are things going on Amazon?” When you work with us, your response to that question is “Amazing! We have a retail partner who has taken over everything for us and we have seen phenomenal growth. The best part, we don’t have to know or do anything with Amazon; they do it all and we have seen sales rise online.”

I’m happy with my current online retailers, why should I consider you?

When we speak with brand owners, we often find that they are not aware that there is a solution like ourselves who do more than simply resell their products. Not only that, but we typically always tell them that another one of their problems is that they have too many sellers; sellers that don’t do anything to add additonal value to their brand. You need an experienced professional who can help you with your problems and provide personal support.

Will we be able to easily communicate with you?

Yes, when you are a partner with us, you will have direct access to our accounts manager who will be happy to take your call and/or respond to email correspondence in a timely and professional manner.

I’m having difficulties with unauthorized sellers and MAP breakers, how can you help with that?

This is one of the most common complaints from brand owners which is why we have developed a proprietary method of helping to identify and eliminate these threats. We also can provide access to a highly successful legal team whose specialty is stopping these violators.

What do you charge for your services?

Nothing. Unlike a marketing agency, we don’t charge fees. Instead, we purchase the inventory directly from you at a price where we can earn our profits from the margin on each and every sale. With this model, our performance goals are in perfect alignment with yours.

We would love to represent your brand!

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